Opposable Thumb Studios Logo


darwin fish mascot

Opposable Thumb Studios was born in Design and Composition, a course I took when I started college in fall 2011.

The only design principle I understood at that point was that my classmates had better design judgement than I did. During class we critiqued layouts from a variety of sources, and I noticed that the most positive comments came from designs featuring blue and orange. Water is blue, and goldfish are orange…

And that is how Darwin was born. On a whim I credited the artwork to Opposable Thumb Studios, and as I created art for other assignments I continued to use the name.

When I had an opportunity to do some contract work and needed a business license, Opposable Thumb Studios was the only rational choice. Better still, it was one of the few good names not already taken by someone else.

Most of my work is what I consider industrial art. I work in Trimble Sketchup, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, and Paint.NET. So far my web development work has fallen outside of the company’s scope, but given the opportunity I will happily take the work.