Temco, LLC

The Temco project is an initiative to improve worksite safety at a one of the west coast's largest grain shipping facilities. The core of the project is a 3D model of the exteriors of the site's major structures. It is produced in Trimble Sketchup. The free viewer application provided by Trimble allows Temco personnel to view the model from any direction or distance they desire.

This offers safety officers and managers the opportunity to orient new employees, contractors, and others on the location of safety equipment,

shutoff switches, and other important features, all from the convenience of an office or conference room.

Phase II of the Temco project added the location of all fire department connections and equipment storage. This is delivered to the Kalama Fire Department in the form of video, which fire fighters can play en-route to the site. We hope that this will enable fire fighters to arrive at the facility freshly oriented and ready to act.


The S-CAT was a grant-funded paper-to-web conversion of a construction industry safety survey. The project required a website, database, real-time calculation of participant statistics, and a back-end that would allow researchers to generate group-level reports suitable for printing.

My team was comprised of a content specialist, a web designer, and two programmers. I filled in as project manager along with my programming role.

We selected WordPress as our platform, because the client wanted it, and because we could leverage the SQL database underneath WordPress to support the S-CAT itself.

The project required programming in PHP, Javascript, and jQuery. We wrote SQL queries and used JSON and Ajax to move our data from page-to-page and page-to-database. The entire project was wrapped in HTML 5 and CSS 3.